Best Dressed of Oscars Night

First off...

 Let's admire this face. Mmh. 
Ok, moving on.

Best Dressed
 Amanda Seyfried
(love the sparkly beadwork and how classy she looks)

 Amy Adams

 Amy Adams...again
(This just feels really appropriate considering Great Gatsby is coming out
soon!! She looks stunning.) 

 Kate Beckinsale
(Such a great cut and I love how fun it looks.)

Sally Field
(She looks beautiful and her train is stunning. Also, the color is the best.)

Can I talk about how much I struggled not watching the Oscars? So much so that I
vibered (new verb meaning to text people using the app Viber) every member of
my family to make sure it was being taped so I can watch it in May. Yes, May.

I made sure I saw the cast of Les Mis perform though. Don't worry!

Did you have some favorite looks from any of the Oscar gigs?


Shelby said...

I swear Amanda Seyfried can do no wrong! She always looks incredible. And any mention of The Great Gatsby gets my heart racing! I am so excited!!!

Megan said...

I agree with all your choices!