Carnavale 2013

Venice, to me, is classic Italy. There are canals (obviously), people dressed up like
it was a medieval Halloween, masks everywhere, and cute caffe's along every street.
We went this past weekend to celebrate Carnavale, which is the Italian Mardi Gras.
I had yet to experience a true Mardi Gras and so this was the absolute best. 

My friends and I took over one of the main squares and every time we heard an American voice,
we were all best friends instantly. It then began to snow on us and there was the occasional
thunder and lightning but we didn't mind. If you have never experienced a true Mardi 
Gras, I vote you go to Venice. You won't regret it... well maybe just in the morning. ;)


Nicole Marie said...

so amazing!! so funny how you immediately make friends with the americans... such a comfort of home

Jenna said...

These pictures are so beautiful. I dream of visiting Italy (and Venice). Love the puppet show :)