A Quote a Day

This quote is from one of my favorite books I read over the summer, The Girl 
Who Chased The Moon. I love how perfectly it fits my life right now and has
fit my life for the past year.


Catherine said...

Love this quote. I feel the exact same way. There's an element of homesickness in my life that grows with every year.

Thank you for sharing!!

MMB said...

This quote is incredible. I definitely just added this book to my must-read list. Obviously you are abroad right now, but I think this "homesick" feeling is really common in your early 20s. It's when you start to figure out where you're mean to be :)


Riza said...

I love this!
I think I need to read this book!
I am home sick right now, just saying.
Riza of Pour L' Instant

D said...

What a beautiful quote!