Possibly the Best Collaboration Ever...

Shabby Chic and TOMS have joined forces!

And have created possibly the best shoes possible.

I'll have both shoes above please!! Shabby Chic is my favorite type of design and 
we all know how flower obsessed I am, so I think these shoes need to be in my
possession... now. (Please?) How perfect would these be for summer??
And then, as I was perusing the TOMS website (always a bad idea for me) I found these
beauties and fell in love... again. I love music notes and having music notes on shoes?? PERFECT!

What do you think of the (perfect) shoes?

Also, thank you for all the sweet comments on yesterdays quote. I'm glad it affected
people as much as it did for me. It's from a fantastic book. :)

1 comment:

Jo said...

These are so pretty! LOVE the floral TOMS. :)