Going Places {Firenze}

Florence was a little (a lot) rushed but honestly, it was fine. I'm going back with my class
in 2 weeks to do all of the touristy things so for now it was fun pretending I live there.
The only way I can describe Florence is that it is the Italian Paris. There is something
a little classier about it compared to Rome and there is so much shopping!!

Me and my childhood friend, Emily, booked it from Roma to Firenze on Saturday
and hung out with people from her study abroad group. It was a great whirlwind
of a trip! I can't wait to go back!

{Also, I guest blogged over here today!! Go and check it out??}


lauren jean allece said...

I love Florence! When you go back you have to check out Acqua Al Due and order the Blueberry Steak. Sounds weird, but with a little chianti it is so, so good!

Nicole Marie said...

i studied in florence.... basically it was the best time of my life