What I'm Currently Loving...

5 Things that caught my eye... 

 1. This amazing trench from Anthropologie.

 2. This passport carrier from J. Crew.

 3. Kelly's amazing shirt and necklace combo.

 4. The idea of renting an apartment in Paris. (And staring at these photos of 
Olivia's time in Paris.)
5. The fact that these shoes are being sent to my doorstep in the states makes 
me very happy. (Also that they were free... love blog giveaways!)

What's caught your eye lately?


angie said...

An apartment in Paris...that is my dream life! Ooo and that passport holder is so cute!

Jane Harman said...

that necklace and tshirt combo IS cute!

Aspiring Kennedy said...

I highly recommend renting an apartment in Paris! It's a decision you could never regret.