Going Places {Roma}

Rome was way too fun. It started out as a field trip that two of my roommates
and one of my childhood friends who's also studying abroad decided to make into 
a short vacation. We stayed at my first hostel (which was a very pleasant experience topped
with breakfast in the morning) and explored the Rome nightlife which was incredible. 

I also finally saw the Trevi Fountain!! We were eating lunch at this little side cafe when
we saw a sign that said "Trevi Fountain 1 minute" and immediately decided that was
something we needed to do. I posed for the cheesy shot and regret nothing. 

Quando a Roma! 


Kelsey K. said...

Ahh I can't wait to go there! Glad your first hostel experience went well - I'm nervous! Haven't stayed in one yet!

Nicole Marie said...

that first shot is AWESOME!! framer for sure!