{Going Places} Paris

Paris is magical.
It almost goes without being said. There is something about the history and the 
fashionable appeal to so many of the monuments and buildings. Oh, the buildings!
I am so in love with Parisian architecture.

I ate my way through the city with macaroons, quiche, escargot, French onion soup,
and of course my fair share of pastries. (Is there any other way to travel through Paris?)
We stayed at an apartment I booked through AirBnB and it worked out wonderfully!
Our landlord was so nice and we had a comfortable place to rest without the hustle and bustle 
of a hotel or a hostel. (Not so much the case for Vienna...)

These pictures are from our first day exploring the city. I was very adament about seeing
the Eiffel Tower sparkle (many around me didn't believe me when I said it truly
sparkled!) and so we ate dinner at the cute place pictured, Le Champ de Mars,
and then crossed the street to the tower to watch the magnificent light display that
makes me feel like I'm 5 years old again filled with giddy excitement.

Paris is just perfect isn't it? Stay tuned...!

Also!!! A HUGE thank you to Haley at Dwell in Possibility for fancying up my
blog! I am obsessed with the new look. :) 


Sheila@TheFailteHouse said...

Yes - Paris is perfect! Love the photos and jealous about your eating ;) I just learned Macaroons are gluten free, so will be giving them a try soon! Excited for more photos :)

Shelby said...

ahhh! this makes me so happy! i am going to Paris for the first time this summer, and I am soo excited! any suggestions on places to go??

Allie said...

I definitely recommend seeing the tourist-y places and then stepping off the beaten path as well! I think I might do a post on this so stay tuned! :)

lauren jean allece said...

Love the new layout! And dang girl, your traveling wardrobe is so much better than mine was when I first studied abroad! It's so silly, but that's the one thing I would change about my time over there - I wish I'd had any sense of style back then!

Sarah Libros said...

Lovely photos! I'm headed to Paris for the first time in ten days and these pictures have gotten me even more excited!