Going Places {Tarquinia}

 {Some ancient tombs} 

 {The cave painting I answered incorrectly on my Roman Art test. Pretty bitter about it}

{beautiful Orvieto in the distance}

Visiting Tarquinia was really cool. I am in a Roman Art class right now and being able
to see some of the works of art in my textbook is possibly one of the coolest
things. (Even if I answered what some of them were incorrectly...)

Tarquinia is known for their ancient tombs and since my 
professor is a well known archeologist in Europe, he knew quite a bit about all 
the tombs and shared his knowledge with us. Then we got some delicious pizza
(the classic lunch staple) and headed to the beach!

It was freezing and the beach was not the prettiest to look at with it being off season,
but it was so nice to just see the ocean and hear the waves. Then as we were driving home
we saw the prettiest view of Orvieto in the distance and it was so comforting to see.
That little town up on the hill with the duomo standing out above all else is home, 
and every time we leave I get so excited once we turn the bend and see home in site. :)

Also, my friend Shira wrote about me on College Fashionista! Check it out: here!

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Sara said...

These are some of the most gorgeous views I've ever seen! Seriously. And to know there's so much history involved makes it that much more incredible.
And btw - love your red coat! I've been dying to find one just like it!