Hello March!

With this upcoming month, a lot of good things are coming my way. This is my last 
full month of school this semester and next semester will bring finals
and my parents coming to visit in Italia! But for March, I get to travel to the 
following places for Spring Break and I. Am. So. Excited.
{We are renting an apartment in Paris for 3 nights} 

 {Staying in Prague for another 3 nights}

 {And ending Spring Break with Vienna for another 3 nights}

I can't believe I get to experience these three countries and take in all the 
beautiful architecture, history and food! I am going with two girls I've met on the 
program and we plan on living up each place to the fullest.

Any recommendations? Oh, and happy March! 

{all photos from Tumblr}


Sara said...

Happy March to you too, sweet girl! I'm super smitten with your blog and am looking forward to reading up on your fabulous-sounding spring break vacay! Seriously. I'm oozing jealously right now. ;)

Sienna said...

that sounds INCREDIBLE. enjoy it!

Benlovesting said...

Beautiful photos!

Sara Louise said...

Paris, Prague and Vienne is loads to be happy about! How fun! :)