so today was really hard. and it is difficult to write this down because yes, i
know i am in italy and should be eternally grateful and happy (and i am!!)
but somedays are just hard and you don't need to be reminded
you are in italy, you just need a hug. preferably from your mom. 

anyone that has studied abroad or lives abroad would understand.
somedays living in a different country is just a little much and you want 
some Taco Bell, and somedays your patience is tested so very much
and you feel you could burst, and somedays just somedays you
want those people around you who know the little things.

and yesterday was one of those days. but my golly, i had the best
panino of my life so that counts for something right?

{photo: Tumblr}

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lauren jean allece said...

Just because you're feeling homesick does not take away any of the gratitude you have for being in Italy! No need for the disclaimer :) There will always be days you just ache for the familiarity of home and the people you love - allow yourself the time to feel that! It's hard, but it's almost like its own therapy. I still had moments of homesickness when I first moved to Portland (and I was 22!) but before you know it, you get stronger and all of a sudden you feel so at home in a whole new place!

Stay strong girl!