Happy Easter Weekend!

He is Risen!!!!

Easter is always a hard time for me to be away from my family. This is my second year 
not being with my family during Easter weekend and it doesn't make it any easier.
It also doesn't help that I haven't spoken to my mom in about a week (which is crazy
since we talk everyday) but she has been on a missions trip with my two younger 
sisters so I really can't whine about that. 

Being in Italy for Easter is unlike anything I've ever seen. There are chocolate eggs the
size of a microwave and treats everywhere your eyes wander. Today is Good Friday
and later tonight there is a candlelight procession through the streets. Tomorrow
there is a festival and then on Sunday there is mass at the Duomo. Oh, and then
Monday is a national holiday called Pasquetta where Italian families often go 
on picnics and spend time together. I am going to try and partake in as many Easter
festivities as possible. :)

What are your Easter plans?


MMB said...

My Easter time: catching up with friends who are in town, babysitting my nieces, mass, and helping my mom host Easter. All of which are exactly what I have been needing.

I hope you are soaking up the Italian Easter experience. I hear there's nothing better.

Also, did you check the Mumford summer tour list? I know that you have posted about them before, and I cannot wait to see them in early June in AZ :)

Allie said...

Oh my goodness of course I saw that Mumford are touring! haha They are coming to Nor Cal as well and so I'm trying to get tickets to that concert since I won't be in AZ in June. But it would have been so fun to have met you! Love your Easter plans! :)

lauren jean allece said...

Oh my gosh, Mass at the Duomo?! That's going to be incredible! I have been so excited about church this Sunday I can hardly stand it! After church then I'm heading over to my friends' (new!) house for a big Easter brunch and I'm guessing we'll all fall into nice food comas by mid afternoon :)