Orvieto Life

These are the people I am studying abroad with. We are a mix of every type of
personality and background who all decided to come to Orvieto, Italy
to study for a semester. I love this photo because it looks like we are standing
with a backdrop behind us but truthfully, that is just Assisi for you. 

Italy has been a dream and when I think that I only have about a month left, it 
stresses me out a little bit! How am I supposed to fit in all the rest of my growing and 
becoming who I am in just a month?!? But then I think about all of the changes
I've gone through thus far and the maturing I've had to face head on and realize
that perhaps I've already done a majority of that growing. And perhaps, we just
continue to grow all our lives and this one semester is just a small piece. 

I'm going to miss small town life. Sure, where I live is not a big city by any means
but once you've seen tiny Orvieto, it'll be hard to acclimate to anything larger.
But I think I'll manage just fine. :)

(a few of us in Tivoli this past weekend)

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CalogeroMiraViaggi said...

Nice pics in Assisi and Tivoli.