My First Tattoo!!!

"He says, "Be still and know that I am God; I will 
be exalted among the nations; I will be exalted in the Earth." 
-Psalm 46:10

I finally got the tattoo I have wanted for the past year and a half. Psalm 46:10 is 
one of my favorite Psalms and ultimately just the phrase "Be still" means so much to me. 

I am one of those people always on the go, my mind is always racing and 
planning my next to-do list that it takes a lot for me to just be still. 
Having the placement on my foot was a no brainer because your feet are
what transport you. At some point I would love to add a simple black
cross but I think I'll wait till my 21st. 

Honestly, it didn't even hurt and the only way that makes sense to me is that
it must be meant to be because this girl has very low pain tolerance. 
All my friends were waiting for me to scream or cry or do something and 
I just sat there totally calm. 

Do you have any tattoos? What's the significance behind yours?


Eat Live Love said...

so cute!

Bon Bon said...

It's PERFECT! Love how simple and yet significant it is! xoxo

lauren jean allece said...

I second Bonnie! OK, I think I'm getting one giant step closer to buckling down and finally getting the tattoo I've been wanting for a while... This encouraged me!

christine donee said...

Just one for me. And I still tell my grandmother it's a fake.