{Going Places} Vienna

I had never gone to Austria before and let me tell you, Austria is stunning. 
It was unfortunate that this was the last leg of our quick 10 day, 3 country trip
because we were exhausted. We really tried to rally and see some of the sights but 
one day we saw two palaces (Belvedere-last photo and Schonbrunn-first photo) and that
completely whipped us out. We really enjoyed getting off the Underground at Stephansplatz
and just walking around the city center though. Lots of shopping and a beautiful church 
to look at? Set! 

Apparently I look a little Austrian since every time people would ask me questions they 
would go off in German (sorry, Austrian) and then look at me funny when my face
looked entirely confused. My great-great grandfather was from Austria so maybe that's
why. :) 

I fell in love with the buildings in Vienna as well. Shots of buildings were the majority
of my photos haha. Also, please notice how it seems like I'm wearing the same thing
in all these Spring Break posts all because I had to wear the poof (down comforter)
every. single. day. due to the weather. Oh, it also snowed in Vienna. Yay snow!

We also had a slight meltdown in Vienna with the place that we had booked on airbnb.
It wasn't anything we were expecting and basically, they had had a rager the night prior
and the place was trashed when we arrived in the late afternoon the next day.
We immediately left to find wifi and called up our parents for help. It was sad because
we had done so well with the planning thus far and were feeling very adult-like and then
this happened. But you know what? My mom is super mom and she booked us
the coziest place for the rest of our stay. Thank God for moms, amiright?

Have you been to Austria? These are the last of the Spring Break posts but I'm
going to post a little Paris guide sometime either this week or next week. :)

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