Girls Night Out

 {Just posing in an old elevator. I was a little scared it would move.}

 {Kylie being a model.}

Last Friday night I had a fashion club event (( did I not mention I joined a fashion club?
I love it!!)) where we got to dress up, head to a photography studio and mingle and 
have our pictures taken. It was a fun evening and I love any event where I get to
wear a fancy dress. :)

Before the event, we went to an amazing new restaurant in Downtown called Reilly's
and I had my first pizza that tasted the closest to the amazing pizza in Italy.
I immediately texted all the girls from Italy and told them about it and I think
a second reunion dinner is in the works now! 

Have a great day!!


K&R said...

umm that looks like so much fun!
and pizza, i always love pizza.


Shelby said...

uh... fashion club?!?! sign me up! that sounds absolutely wonderful. and looks like this was soo much fun!