Two Doors

I'm in a good place. It's the second week of school so we haven't had an exam yet (just
a pop quiz that I nailed!!) but I'm in a standstill in that I'm currently facing
two doors, two paths.

One (maybe the white one?) could be hectic and stressful but also bring a large amount
 of good into my life and the other (brown/purple one) could also be stressful but in a manageable 
way and would allow me more time to branch out in other directions.

I'm in that place that most adults reach a thousand times over and it's never easy. 
You'll always wonder about the door you didn't open or the path you didn't take. 
But I'm hoping I have no regrets after I make the decision looming over me. 
I've prayed and I guess that's all I can do until I ultimately make a decision.
But now, we wait. 

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Shelby said...

oh lady, if you only knew how similar of a situation i was in. like you have no idea. here is wishing luck to both of us!

alice {sweet dreamer} said...

Someone once told me the thing about decisions is you just have to make them – the route you take is the only one you'll ever know so it's best not to worry. Just back the decision you make 100% and it will be the right one. x

Nicole Marie said...

oh man its always a tough place to be... but everything will work out for the best