Have you Heard of Moroccan Henna?

My roommate and I can't stop talking about it! It looks like green lipstick
and when you apply it to your lips, the color reacts to your body chemistry and the pH values in your lips and changes to a lovely shade of pinkish-cranberry! 
My color is more pink while my roommates came out definitely more 
towards cranberry. The other great thing is the texture.
One of the qualities I despise about lipstick is how dry it feels on your lips
and how reside is left on every glass. With this lip stain, it feels like Chapstick
when you apply and it leaves no marks! Magic!

I always feel too dressed up when I wear lipstick and with this lip stain, I can 
wear it in the day or night because it just adds a little color that completely
complements my skin tone without being dramatic. 
So if I haven't convinced you to try it out yet, let me just mention that it is also
extremely cheap. Always a win. :)

{I'm wearing it here}

I ordered mine off of eBay here and it came within a week, maybe less. 
Check it out and let me know how it looks!! 

Also, The Man Repeller wrote an awesome review of the product, here!
And Olivia from Everyday Musings is a fan as well! 

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