You know the song, Timshel, by Mumford & Sons? 
I absolutely adore that song for multiple reasons. 
Mostly, it makes me feel a range of different emotions. 
That was the song I blasted when I knew my grandfather was about to pass away 
and also the song I played when I knew I had to break up with a boy. 
This song has a way of bringing out any and every emotion you may be holding inside.
Even emotions you didn't know you had will be brought up while listening
to this song. But in a kind of amazing way.

I'm a firm believer in letting go of emotions whether they are good or bad.
Just let it out, ya know?
I never regret a good cry. It's the best type of cleanse.

Do you have a song that pulls every emotion out of you?

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Shelby said...

first off, love this song AND Mumford & Sons. but i totally agree. i think it is good to express your emotions no matter what they are. and you are so right! i think a good cry is the perfect cleanse. it is a way of starting over.