Hello September!

{This was my outfit yesterday. Polka dots and flowers make the perfect 
combination. And yes, it's definitely still summer here.}

I think I've been in denial about it already being September. And not only that,
we are 3 days in! We don't really get a fall in Tucson (the next place I live will definitely
have a fall because it's one of my favorite seasons) so nothing is changing around here
besides a hectic school and life schedule. 

I'm definitely more of a November and December gal. September and October around
these parts mean the first exams and then midterms. But November means cooler weather,
I have some visitors coming, and it means Thanksgiving break!
And then, of course, December means Christmas and a nice long break. 

But I'm doing this new thing where I am trying to take things day by day (see what I did there?)
and maybe week by week but definitely not month by month. If we focus too much
on the future, the present at hand goes unnoticed. 

Have a wonderful Wednesday and do yourself a favor and listen to this beautiful
song. It's been on constant rotation around here.


Shelby said...

come to Utah!! you get all four seasons, and it is absolutely wonderful. i have also decided to start living day by day. it is kind of crazy how much happier i have been since i decided to do this. it cancels out so much worry, and it really makes you focus on living each day to the fullest.

My name is Lydia said...

I LIVE for November and December. Obvs for the holidays. Sometimes I wish it could be Nightmare before Christmas and I could live in the Christmas village where it's December year round. That, I think, would be perfect.

Also, props for being determined to live day by day. I should do that too.