We Are Young

Something happened recently where I was left disappointed and frustrated. A little hurt, but mostly 
disappointed and mad at myself for always believing in people maybe a little too much.
So the morning was difficult because on top of that we were out of milk 
and I realized my half and half went bad after I put it in my coffee. 
Just a morning of little frustrations. 

But then the day ended up being one of the very best after I let my mind
not dwell on the disappointments and instead turned to my friends. 
And then I thought of one of my favorite songs and the line that says, "We are young,
we are one, let us shine for what it's worth."
And so I let it go and look where it got me.

Here's the song::

{the picture is of me and my little sister in Hawaii}

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Shelby said...

lady, i needed this post soo much. thank you. i am currently going through a break-up, and it seriously feels like torture. i really just need to stop focusing on it, and focus on something positive.