Taking It Easy

{I took this photo last weekend at the UA vs. UTSA game}

This semester has been going by very quickly. I know it's only September but next week
it'll be October and I have almost every weekend coming up booked! 
This past week was insane and jam packed with meetings, tests, review sessions,
lunch with friends, and keeping it all together. 
I had a minor meltdown mid week but recovered early and had a pretty successful
week from then on out. ((How great are moms and dads for lifting you up when
you're feeling down??)) 

I think in college the average student, definitely me, gets caught up in constantly
moving and hurrying from one thing to the next and forgets to take a day 
to just regroup away from obligations. Since school began everything has 
been non stop and this is the first day that I've barely had
anything to do. It feels like I'm being lazy and that I should call a bunch of 
people to schedule things but instead, I put the phone away and caught up
on TV shows and relaxed. 

College is a blast and there is always something going on, even in the desert ;),
but it's important to slow down maybe once a month and just reflect
and regroup. I'm sure this is the same way with a career. 

What's your favorite way to relax?


Nicole Marie said...

definitely relax and enjoy college life... but i understand how easy it is to get caught up in everything. and yeah i can not believe it's almost october. crazy!

MMB said...

four years will fly, trust me. I think it's good to set times for dates with your friends throughout the week, even if you only grab coffee then head straight to the library to study. It's important to have that social/de-stress time.