Wanna Get Away- Mt. Lemmon

I'm a huge fan of day trips. Quick little getaways that give your soul exactly
what it needs to conquer the week ahead. Yesterday me and a couple of
friends drove up to Mount Lemmon for some cooler weather and some 
pretty scenery and it was perfect. We even found some water at Rose Canyon Lake!

Mount Lemmon is one of the wonderful secrets of Tucson (Not really a secret but a lot of people
never get the chance to go). It's 8000 feet above sea level so one moment you're 
in the desert and the next you see pine trees and the temperature drops significantly.
Also there are some very cool rock formations on the drive up. 

I think growing up near Lake Tahoe and taking vacations there multiple times a year
since I was little have made me a bit of a mountain girl. I need that
cool mountain air every once in a while to recharge and fill my lungs. 
Mt. Lemmon was perfect for that quick little recharge. Also any chance I get
to switch up my wardrobe and wear a sweatshirt is gladly taken. :)


Shelby said...

girl, amen!! there really is something about mountain air. i try to get up into the mountains as much as i can. i live in utah, so it isn't that hard to do. hiking is my favorite, but even just taking a drive... the mountains are perfect.

Marlen said...

that's really cool that the terrain changes drastically like that! i grew up in chicago so i was surrounded by zero nature haha, but i moved to seattle this year and immediately went to go check out one of their volcanoes. I can seriously just build a cabin there and be happy :)

xo marlen
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petal and plume said...

your blog is really gorgeous and lovely!