My Best Friend is Visiting Me!


These are just some classic shots I found of us (that gem on the bottom is from freshman (?)
year, please notice how burnt I look) that I think describe our friendship in pictures
quite well. We latched onto each other in freshman year Algebra class 
and didn't look back. She changed high schools half way through and we remained just 
as close which is why I think going to college in two different states is no big deal for us.

I can't wait to show her around my college town and introduce her to big college life.
(She goes to a smaller private school.) Also, it's homecoming weekend so there will
be plenty of festivities for us to enjoy! 

Expect lots of photos from our weekend this upcoming week! 
So excited!!!

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My name is Lydia said...

don't you just love that? the kind of friendship that can withstand any amount of distance? i had 4 best friends in high school and it didn't matter that we all chose different universities - we've stuck like glue.