Leaving Some Spaces Open

There are big things looming in the horizon. Some slightly intimidating and others just plain exciting.
I can't wait to go home next week and enjoy some much needed R&R and see my friends
I haven't seen since August. Also, my roommate and I decorated for Christmas this weekend 
(don't hate us!) so our house is feeling very merry. :)

Something I've realized throughout this semester is how much I should work my absolute hardest
and not worry about the rest. Make those to-do lists, plan out the week, stress a little about 
classes (ok, a lot) but then leave room for mistakes, fun little events, and breathing room. I 
like to think of my to-do lists as guidelines instead of my actual schedule of the day. Whenever
I do make a complete to-do list of the day, I rarely stick to it and end up filling my time with 
moments that I could have never expected to be on my list. 

Life's going to throw some curveballs and it's how we approach them that determines everything else.
Ain't that the truth? So with this busy week ahead jam packed with commitments
and homework assignments/ you name it, I'm going to actively leave some room for those moments
you really can't plan. 
Join me?

Side note: I just found Evelyn's Etsy through Pinterest and I am completely obsessed.
How perfect is the bright pink background against the gold lettering in the 'Enjoy Today' print?
Check out the rest of her shop for some more awesome prints. :)


Anonymous said...

I am in love with this print! oh my gosh :)


Brienne Peers said...

This is the truth! It is important to make time to just enjoy life! In college it is so easy to get caught up in homework, projects, and studying that we forget to make time to just stop and enjoy time and for those unexpected moments that always seem to happen at the worst time!


Evelyn Henson said...

Thanks for the shout out! Made my day :)