Humans of New York


I bought the new book, Humans of New York by Brandon Stanton
and I am positively in love. I had watched the interview Brandon did with
ABC 'Nightline' and was instantly intrigued and in love with his concept of capturing
the human soul. His blog is fantastic but a little busy for me to look at, so once I found out
there was a book with some of his images and the beautiful (and sometimes hilarious!)
quotes that accompany the photographs, I immediately ordered it off Amazon.  

Have you checked out his book or blog? He seems like such a cool
person. I'd love to walk around New York with him and watch him work. 


Erin Sanderson said...

i absolutely love brandon stanton! this book is amazing. i agree, i would love to hang out with him in NYC. would make a great blog post, don't you think? :)

Julia said...

I love Brandon's work! I will definitely be looking into getting this book. I do follow his Facebook and blog but there is an overwhelming amount of information there. This would be such an inspiring book to have by my bedside :)

Olivia said...

i just love him! i found you through hcbn :) you should do a giveaway of his book! i would enter ;) lol

Tiffany Khyla said...

I've never heard of Brandon Stanton, but now I'm absolutely intrigued! This sounds like something I would enjoy!

Allie said...

I've checked out his blog. My school has a "Humans of UF" blog, based on it. It's fun to read!
♥Emma, of It's Emma Elise