A Weekend with Family

 This weekend my dad and sister came to visit and my heart was feeling very full and loved.
I was spoiled rotten with all the delicious food we ate and it was a blast to show my sister
around my college town. We went to Mount Lemmon where it was a good 20 degrees colder
than in the valley, saw the Homecoming parade, walked around downtown and ended
with the Arizona vs. Colorado football game!

 On Thursday night (prior to my sister arriving) my dad and I ate at our favorite restaurant, 47 Scott,
and ordered the Violet Beauregard drink. It was delicious so I had to document!

 We did a lot of exploring in downtown and on 4th Avenue. My sister particularly became fond
of all of the sugar skulls throughout Tucson. (This one is on the side of The Rialto!)

 On Friday we brought Monica, my roommate, along to dinner at Downtown Kitchen! If you
like eclectic food, definitely eat here! It was a fun experience and we tried meals I never would
think to order. 

It was a fantastic weekend overall! On Sunday I participated in the All Souls Procession 
with some friends, so expect pictures from that on Wednesday!!

I hope your weekend was lovely!

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