My Honest Review of 1989

Let me start off by saying I have been a tried and true Taylor Swift fan for many many years now.
I have been a fan since her CMT up and coming artists session. I saw her in concert when
she was opening up for Rascal Flatts and was still obsessed with flipping her hair constantly.
(I'm glad that stage is mostly over) 
Anyone that knows me understands that I am an unapologetic fan.

Two weeks ago, her new album, 1989, dropped (if you didn't know then you must be living without
a computer/tv/etc). I went to Target and bought the deluxe version and immediately went home
to figure out the codes as I have for the past 4 albums. Then I began to listen. 
At first I was hesitant on pretty much every song besides the ones already released and this scared
me. But I remembered that this is how I was with Red originally as well, so I listened some more.

My general consensus is that it is not my favorite album of hers and there are definitely songs
that I could care less about, but there are also a couple songs that have grown on me and
I really love. I think the hard part for me is that I am not a huge fan of girly pop music in 
general and with this transition to pop music, she's lost me a little bit. 
(Although, Red was definitely on the pop side, it was nothing like this kind of pop)

Here's my favorite songs on the album and why::

Shake It Off- this song is way too catchy. My roommate and I blast it before we go out and 
it's an instant mood lifter.

Welcome to New York- another catchy one. I like the layering of her vocals the most.

Style- I love how blatantly obvious it is that this song is about Harry Styles. Also, the chorus is the best part. And with everyone else I completely thought she said "Starbucks lovers."

Blank Space- if this song is what I think it's about, making fun of her love life and all the rumors associated with it, then it's genius. If it's not then I think it's kinda silly haha. The clicking 
of the pen is brilliant regardless.

This Love- one of the ballads and I am a sucker for a Taylor Swift ballad.

I Know Places- I thought this song was clever as well and honestly made me feel a little bad for her. The fact that she can't be in a "normal" relationship must suck. 

Clean- again with the ballads. Plus Imogen Heap's vocals in the background are beautiful.

You are in Love- I love how simple this song is.

What are your favorites?

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