All Souls Procession 2014

On Wednesday I shared my photos of the sugar skull makeup process and today I thought I'd 
share some of the procession photos. It was such a neat experience and something
I will always remember. It kind of felt like my last Tucson hurrah (#sentimental) and now
that I am almost exactly a month away from graduation, I am trying to soak up all of these special and unique Tucson moments. 
Here's some of the photos!
(I was trying to show how many people were there)
(very cool costumes all of the place)
(spooky scary friends)
(photos of loved ones were projected here)
(i got to meet up with my little, Alyssa, and her roommate and roommates boyfriend)
(the gang)

I love that I have these memories and these photos from such a cool day!

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