Lately, I have been feeling complacent. No one was making me feel this way besides myself. Whenever I am home, and usually it was only for a couple of weeks or maybe a month, I always felt that if I wasn't constantly doing something, I wasn't proving my worth. Now that I am home for the long run, it's gotten to be even worse. 

But then this morning I received a reassuring email that said I have a job interview tomorrow but it could have been saying, "Congrats! Now stop thinking and stressing so darn much and be grateful and give thanks!!" I realized that while I often pray about my stresses, I still dwell on them constantly. I know this is wrong and so not the point of prayer but it's hard to turn off the mind sometimes.

For 2015 I would like to depend on God more, follow His path for me, and have the next 6 months be the journey of a lifetime because why (k)not?! (See what I did there...?) God has this and if I keep stressing about everything, the only thing I am giving myself is a heart attack. 

So here's to 2015! The year of giving it all to God. And even if the circumstances I am in do not align with what I was hoping for, here's to realizing there's a better way and I may not know what it is so just keep chugging along 

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