Reality Check

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to hear Bob Goff speak at church. If you need inspiration, a swift kick, humor and love thrown at you from all different angles, then you need to hear Bob Goff speak. I want to live like Mr. Goff does, with childlike wonder and deep love for everyone and anyone (and he's a lawyer!).

Everything he said was amazing but what really got to me was to not be so afraid. Lately I have been stressed, antsy (oh, Lord so antsy), worried and generally just afraid of anything and everything. My life is one big unknown and I don't function very well when I don't see something resembling a timeline in front of me. But Bob Goff went on about how we all don't know what we are doing next and we all are on these paths. As we walk on these paths we are stepping right in front of us and just hoping we won't trip and fall. Sometimes we do and other times we regain our stance and continue on. 

But at all times, Jesus is right there in front of us holding us up. He knows the path and He knows what is ahead. So don't be afraid to stumble because Jesus is there to help you bounce back up. Now how comforting is that?? 

I'm really good at getting overwhelmed quickly and it's something I am constantly trying to fix. So I decided to do a little art project and make a "Be Not Afraid" canvas as a constant reminder. And you know what? Things are kind of falling into place day by day. I sure don't have all the answers nor do I need them all right now but having a little bit of a grip on my life and knowing I don't need to fear, is really helping.

Maybe you needed to visualize your path like I did and if so, I hope this helped. And hey, if you are on your path and you are walking smoothly then good for you! You are killin' this crazy adventure! High fives all around! But if you are like me, just know we are all in this together. :)

(my sister had the same idea after hearing him speak so she made the canvas above. I think hers turned out so nice!)

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