Why Knot {Explore}

 I took these photos at Foresthill Bridge where THIS took place. (a real high quality movie right there) It's definitely a photogenic bridge and the fact that it is the 9th highest bridge in the world helps with the "it" factor as well.

 hi there American River! You're a beaut!

We went off-roading to get to the Grouse falls overlook and I definitely freaked out a little bit. There was not another human within 30 miles and there was no cell reception so I was having nightmares about getting a flat tire/mauled by a bear/coyote/ or werewolf why we're at it.  But we survived (obviously) and the overlook was pretty amazing.

This tree was GINORMOUS! You can't even tell from this photo but it was truly incredible.

After exploring the falls we went to a place called Big Trees where there is a random grouping of giant sequoias. Most giant sequoias are in the Sequoia National Park so the fact that there are some in Tahoe National Forest make them unique. They were pretty magnificent.

Once again, I feel pretty blessed to live so close to all of this beauty. If you are ever in the Sacramento area, definitely stop at Big Trees and go through Foresthill. :)

Happy Monday!

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