Wanna Get Away:: Big Sur/Avila Beach

Prior to heading down to Disneyland for New Years, my sisters, mom and I made some pitstops along the California coast. We all thought we hadn't been to Big Sur before (a crime really) so we made that our first stop. Once arriving we realized we had been there more recently but it had been overcast and not as remarkable as the day we were given. It was sunny, high 60's, and the water was the bluest of blues. Easily driving to places like these remind me why I will always love growing up in California.

That waterfall used to drop right into the ocean but now falls onto the beach because of a massive landslide several years back. At the visitors center, there are pictures of the landslide and how much work was needed to restore the area. I think it looks pretty neat falling onto the beach though.

After stopping and taking pictures, we drove along the Pacific Coast Highway until we got to Avila Beach near San Luis Obispo.  Avila Beach was a super quaint beach town filled with charm and if  you ever end up going, stay at the Inn at Avila Beach! They had delicious coffee in the morning with fresh cookies and they brought out warm pie in the evenings. They also have an entire DVD and VHS collection to choose from. It felt like a home away from home!

Have you ever visited Big Sur or Avila Beach?

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