Take Me to the River

Taking these photos resulted in a weird day. I knew I wanted to take these photos on the Rainbow Bridge walking bridge but we also ran into some hoodlums, got reprimanded by a park ranger and felt like we were invading people's properties (more on that later). Remember the powerhouse photos? Well apparently that is a California National Park and you have to pay $10 to park there and hang out. whoops!

Here's the facts: jacket (old), sweater, jeans, boots (old), wallet

I always feel blessed to have the American River in my town. Every time I drive over the bridge I always catch a glimpse at how beautiful it is and feel grateful that we have a river dividing the town. My sister recently left to study abroad in Florence (I know, I'm so jealous and really missing my Italy days) and she mentioned how Florence and Folsom are kind of similar because of the town being divided by a river. Other than that though, they are pretty different! haha.

Also let's talk about how bright this shirt is! It's from H&M and is the comfiest sweater but definitely bright. I like how much of a statement it makes and how easy it is to pair it with a fun coat like I did or some fun jewelry!

Do you have a favorite statement piece of clothing that you own?

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