i'm really lucky. as much as i complain about living in the desert, lately it's like the desert has been showing off. today we have a cool and crisp high of 68 degrees and yesterday there was a high of 66. my roommate and i walked around the older part of campus (stunning architecture) and we saw this little tree grove and i was speechless.

a tree grove in the desert? what? they're orange trees! plus it's by the cutest dorm on campus and the inside looks like main street in disneyland. (yes, we crept in...)

i think finding beauty wherever i am is one of those lessons that has hit me the hardest while i've been here. kind of like the love actually quote at the beginning of the movie (but excuse my lack of a british accent and not sounding like hugh grant)

"if you look for it, *beauty's* actually all around."


*supposed to be "love"