Let's Hear Some Jazz

Last night I went to a jazz concert at my school and it was
delightful. Jazz is my kind of music. I like the big band, the way the
sounds wash over you and takes all your cares away, the
ideas of days gone by and if there is some vocals thrown
in, than I'm really in Heaven. The only thing I wish had been
different is if I got to wear a dress like any of the ones below
to such an event. Why don't we dress up fancy for these types
of events? It's a shame really....

I wish each of these were in my closet right now and I had
somewhere wonderful to wear them to. :)


Sam said...

I love any music with horns - so naturally the big band sound just gets me too!

& I agree, so wish there were more reasons to get fancy.

Michaela said...

Cute dresses!! And so agree- I love any reason to get dressed up (: How fun to go to a concert...my fam and I went to a musical last night!