I have the best Best Friend

I was having a kind of ho-hum day (despite the perfect weather and the fact that I witnessed my first flash mob-nothing like the Modern Family one but hey, I don't live in a sitcom) but then I checked my mail and best friend, Katie, sent me a care package! Oh, happy day!
(also, we watched Pan's Labyrinth in English and holy bezeesus it's creepy!)
Look at all those goodies!
1. Sour Patch Kids-favorite candy
2. Fruit snacks- favorite indulgence (that I wasn't allowed to have as a kid so therefore I make people feel bad for me and give me their fruit snacks. Muah haha)
3. Kleenex-I've been sick
4. Bendy Buddy!-16th birthday party inside joke
5. a letter- I love letters!
6. a Princess Tiana Pez dispenser!- favorite princess
7. Nutella packets- where have you been all my life?
8. Fuzzy socks!- best things ever invented or sewn together.
But wait! There's more!
9. The newest People-I'm a major pop culture fanatic
10. A Keep Calm And... custom made Disney desk topper. (That's
what I'm calling it because I don't know what it's called. So creative!)

Basically, I have the greatest best friend and I want to give her a big hug,
but I can't because we are about 1000 + miles away. :( 22 days!

If you have a friend like Katie, you should give them a hug. Because
friends like these are one in a million. Am I right? :)


Marshall said...

you are right! that is so very sweet!

Sam said...

nutella can cure anything! It's a miracle. What a sweet gift (just when you needed it. Aren't best friends great that way?)