the waiting game

i'm doing it again. the comparing. it's a slippery slope and i always turn back to it. it's intoxicating. and i always tell myself: STOP! yet, that only throws a sheer cover over the problem and once it rises again the cover is thrown off and i'm back in that abyss.

i know the man God intends for me is out there. i know because i have to tell myself this or else i'll go crazy. it seems like everyone is getting in a relationship left and right and i'm stuck in thick sand. i'm unable to move for myself but perfectly able to watch everyone around me pair up.

i know this is a waiting game but this waiting is getting long and my hope is being strained. perhaps i'm not ready. i need to make a conscious effort to trust in Him and know my path is set.

but my oh my, it is hard.

photo from tumblr.

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Bria said...

its so hard! but being single is seriously a gift! you WILL find someone, for now being on the outside looking in can be fun too :).