New obsession: Turtles

this week has been complete mayhem. no time for rest, just absolute non stop studying. can you say fun week?

today after my first midterm of the day (1 of 2) i had some extra time before my second midterm. i had gone to the turtle pond on campus before, but not for a long period of time to just sit there and watch the adorable turtles swim around and let life pass around me.

so today i did just that. i sat on a nice shady bench and studied a bit more while listening to the rippling water and seeing little turtle heads come out of the water. afterwards i looked for some of the bigger turtles and was amazed by their beauty.

i may have a new obsession with turtles and i'm ok with it. plus, just sitting there in this little secret spot on campus was a definite highlight of my week. (is that sad?)


Ana Magdalena said...

My week has been hectic as well and i am so happy tomorrow is Friday. I hope you did well on your tests.

cheers to the long week being over and to being productive ;)

Allie said...

Amen sister! :)

Marshall said...

wow i definitely remember the craziness around midterms ... makes me glad that you found a little spot where you can relax and look at TURTLES! :) i had a spot like that too!