This is when you realize how weird I am...

I got a cozy sweater yesterday. I made a video of me
loving my cozy sweater. And this is when you realize
I'm a complete goofball. oh, and that i also randomly
break out into British accents almost hourly.

and I'm ok with it. :)


Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

1. i love your "cozy" sweater! where's it from.
2. you are absolutely adorable.
3. we are meant to be friends because i absolutely LOVE to break out randomly into accents. it's the best!

Allie said...

1. From a thrift store yesterday while picking up my halloween costume
2. Thanks! :)
3. Then why aren't we friends?! haha I drive my friends crazy with all my accents! (British and southern are my favorites)

nicole said...