On Taking a Stand

Baby elephant
yesterday i noticed something. after being on facebook, i felt a tad depressed. basically i was feeling bad for myself and realized that this facebook thing isn't helping my homesickness or anything that it should be doing. instead, it was either making it worse or just making me a jealous person. and i don't like being a jealous person.

so i'm taking a stand. for a week, i am going to be facebook-less. it's going to be hard... especially this weekend but i think overall it'll help me with my classes and with my morale. there's no need for something that'll pull me down instead of build me up. am i right?

but i'll still be on twitter and here of course. no worries there. :)

the baby elephant really has nothing to do with this besides the fact that he is SO adorable. i mean really?!


Gaby said...

good on you! i get that way about blogs sometimes; i find they're even more jealousy inducing than facebook so sometimes i just need a break. x

passport in my pocket said...

Sometimes a break from Facebook does wonders... seriously. I have such a love/hate relationship with it.