Eye-Opening Experiences

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i have found that there are moments in life that make you feel small... in a good way. they put you in your place and remind you that the world is much bigger than you'd expect.

on saturday i went to Nogales, Mexico to feed breakfast to migrants. it was a beautiful and eye-opening experience. something i want to do again and again. these people have next to nothing and yet have smiles on their faces. i have everything and often times i'm not smiling as much as i should be.

my spanish is horrific. (No hablo espanol. Lo siento.) yet i smiled my way through and heard their stories because someone needs to. while i don't necessarily respect illegal immigrants jumping the border, i have to give them credit for never giving up hope. just before i was leaving, a young man (who had been caught numerous times before) was saying how he was going to begin the journey again.

it's these kinds of experiences that i want to have every day. helping people and going outside of my little world and myself.

what experiences like mine have you encountered?

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Marshall said...

I just heard a great sermon on this and I love your reminder that we are so small in comparison to the greatness of God