Something Good

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lately i've been easily excitable. even more so than i normally am and that's saying a lot. it only takes something small to make me instantly happy and i've decided i like this about myself. yes, i'm pointing out something i like about myself. you heard that right.

so often i find we point out each and every flaw and instead of doing that, i'm going to point out something i enjoy about myself. and if you want to join along, PLEASE do! let's all praise one another instead of putting the other down. amen?

here are some things that make me excitable:

my friend making the whistle sound that you hear when you enter Disneyland. (makes me absolutely giddy)

this weather. yesterday i walked outside and almost cried the weather was so perfect.

thanksgiving coming up and the fact that i get to go home!

new friends and old friends that i can still talk to like a total goofball

and what about you?


Marshall said...

Love your positive attitude, Allie!

Ana Magdalena said...

this post screams positivity & I love it!

s a m said...

I love it. I got really seriously excited looking through an old magazine the other day for Christmas! (and I totally get the "weather is so perfect I could cry" feeling. It's sunny and brisk here in Portland today!)