Keeping It Real

Just to keep things real and reassure everyone back home that I'm not really living on a cloud
and frolicking through the streets singing musical theater, (though it sometimes feels like
I am) I thought I would bring up some of the funny and interesting bits about living abroad
thus far.

1. The walls here are INCREDIBLY thin. As in right now, I can hear the construction workers
above me doing renovations and each and every footstep is heard very clearly. (That 
also includes ever bit of hammering...) It was funny the first night when we thought someone
was about to murder us because it sounded like they were in our apartment. (Terrifying
then funny.)

2. The language barrier is real. Really real. I mumble my way through life here. When I
hear English my ears start ringing and I get really happy. Little victories are big around
here when it comes to my Italian progression.

3. People don't run around these parts. Exercise? What's that? Silly Americans. This is perfect
for me since I'm on a kind of anti-exercise thing right now (don't look up to me kids) but my 
friends tried to go running and got a LOT of strange stares.

4. Hearing people talk about you in Italian and they think you can't understand them. This is 
a favorite of mine. Yesterday I heard some young guys trying to guess our ages and they
completely thought I couldn't hear them. I guess my little bit of Italian comes in handy!

5. Pedestrians do not have the right away in Italy. No sir. The cars speed through these
narrow cobblestone streets like they're filming for the Italian Job! I've already
said I plan on being the first to get hit by one because I'm the worst about checking
for cars coming... 

If you studied abroad or have even been abroad before, what were some of your
funny moments? I'd love to hear them! 


lauren jean allece said...

Be careful of those cars! I watched a guy get his foot run over in Florence!

Nicole Marie said...

i washed m clothes in just softner for a month before i learned enough spanish to know it was detergent