A Letter to My Parents

aka two of the best people I know. 

Dear mom and dad,
This letter is mostly to say thank you. This is my last week of studying abroad and words
cannot be strung together to truly show how thankful I am for this opportunity. 

 I could have waited until I see you both in 2 days (!!!) but I felt that a public letter of 
appreciation was in order. Ever since I was little you both have given me the freedom to 
be whomever and whatever I wanted to be. You always make me feel comforted,
secure and ultimately, loved. 

 All of the times I've called one of you crying, the advice on the other line was always honest
and caring. Exactly what I needed. Because somehow, you both always know exactly
what I need. 

This semester has been the largest growing experience of my life thus far and without
the two of you and your involvement and encouragement, it never would have happened. 
You should hear how I brag about you two on the daily here in Italy. :)

God blessed me with the best parents imaginable and I can't wait to show off Italy 
to you in a few short days. Now hurry up! ;)

(or Alley, Ali, Alli etc. as my dad likes to put on his cards)


Sara said...

I loved this! Seriously makes my heart smile when people express how much love and appreciation they have for their parents. :)

lauren jean allece said...

This made me tear up! So beautiful - your parents are equally blessed to have a daughter who honors them!

Jessi Francis said...

Aww! Parents can be such a blessing! This is how I feel about my parents as well! :)

Giulia said...

this so sweet and i'm sure they are going to cry a little when they read it. you are brave for taking the decision to study abroad too:)
i'm half italian and every time you post pictures i miss it... i hope you are having the time of your life there!

lo said...

this is so sweet. :)