What to see, do, and eat while in Paris...


*The seine river
*Notre Dame
*The Eiffel Tower (especially at night!! It twinkles and it's magical.)
*Sacre Coeur
*Moulin Rouge
*Every little piece of architecture because the buildings in Paris are timeless.


 *Visit Versailles. We used Lauren's fantastic guide to the palace. It's stunning!
*Go to the Louvre. You could spend hours there. 
* A bit of shopping is always necessary in Paris. I recommend this area
* Get lost wandering the streets and find cute little boutiques to wander into.
* Take the metro. It's fast, easy, and cheap. 
*Visit some churches that aren't well known and just marvel at the architecture.


*Escargot! (Don't even think about what you're eating and just enjoy!)
*Macaroons. I could eat at least 10 in one sitting they are so darn delicious.
*French Onion Soup at Le Champ de Mars. This bistrot is around the corner from the      Eiffel Tower and was such a fun experience. It's a bit expensive (for someone on a college budget) but make it your splurge meal. 
*Eat something, anything, at Angelina's. They are scattered throughout the city and are di-vine! We had breakfast there but you can also just pick up a delicious pastry. 
*Bakeries in Paris are everywhere and each one we went to were fantastic. So find one and grab a homemade croissant for me. 

What are some of your favorite places to see, things to do and eat at while in Paris?

*Disclaimer: The places listed above are of my humble opinion. 


Shelby said...

yay!! love this, and this will be very helpful in a couple months!

Allie said...

I'm so glad :)