Today was a really good day

One of those days that make up for the mediocre ones. One of those days where your 
teacher shows up for the last day of class with champagne to toast the class 
(there are 4 people in that class), finding a euro on the ground, receiving the package
you've been waiting for for weeks, and then discovering your parents moved their flight
forward so they would have more time with you in your little town of Orvieto.

That kind of day.

And to top it all off I went on a jog and am now about to get drinks
with my friends at the best bar that gives you free food. 

I hope your day has been just as wonderful and that despite the horrible news 
from Texas and Boston, we continue to look for the good in others and realize
that despite all the bad in this world, there are people who are just so. darn. good.


Catherine said...

So glad you had a wonderful day. You deserve it and the soul needs good days every so often :) Love your blog, as always.

lauren jean allece said...

Amen, sister. Amen.