{Going Places} Salerno

To start this all off, I am a BIG fan of Salerno. If you've never been,
I'd recommend going. (It's in Southern Italy.)

 Please admire my ghostly complexion. This was the first time my legs (or arms really)
 had seen sun in quite some time. 

The main reason for us being there was to see the ruins but mostly, everyone was 
just happy to be somewhere where there was SUN! We ended up
basking in the sun all day. It was glorious. 
After we were done roaming the ruin grounds, we had some free time to grab lunch
and this was when Salerno really had me. We ate at this adorable restaurant that almost
looked like a farmhouse and screamed Italy. 
I had pasta carbonara and vino bianco and we all just died over every piece of our lunch.
 Here are some photos:

And this is why I studied abroad in Italy.


Bianca Kramer said...

Heerlijk foto's zeg!
Ik ben nog nooit in Italie geweest maar verlang er steeds meer naar om er neen te gaan!

Nicole Marie said...

neeeedd!! and i can't believe your semester abroad is almost done. i feel like it was yesterday you were talking about leaving for italy

Kathleen said...

I love your blog! I studied abroad in Barcelona and loved it. I hope you enjoy the rest of your experience there! It looks beautiful!