Somethings I've Recently Learned...

You do not have to be friends with people if it means they are not capable
of being a good friend.

April in Italy is the prettiest time and the weather is perfect.

People interrupting you is never ok. (Unless, you know, they're dying.)

Stick up for your true friends.

Time really does fly when you're having fun.

When in doubt, give a smile. Smiling does wonders for the soul.

(Photo was taken in Tuscany this past week. Spring is in full bloom!!)

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MMB said...

I definitely agree with you about #1. I think your early 20s are full of life lessons involving all sorts of relationships, especially with friends. There comes a time when you really can't and shouldn't make space for someone who does not love and appreciate you the way you love and appreciate them.

Loving that photo!