{Going Places} Reggia di Caserta

While on our southern Italy weekend getaway (and you thought those posts
were done...) we stopped at Reggia di Caserta. I, once again, had never heard of 
it but our instructor told us it is the Italian equivalent to Versailles. 
After having just seen Versailles, I was a little hesitant but all of that hesitation
went away the minute we walked onto the palace grounds.

It was a perfect day of admiring the palace, biking through the enormous gardens,
and generally having a good time with friends. The bike ride was no joke since
it was all up hill on the way up but the way down was a serious blast.
I would definitely recommend visiting this gem if you're in southern Italy. 
Oh, and definitely don't forget to rent a bike! It's 5 euros per hour!!

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shayla. said...

this looks so pretty!! lovely blog :)